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Feb 18, 2013 3:05am EST
he said? >> he said jason skaggs. he's the only one i know of that would want me killed. >> this is jason skaggs. he and manny worked together at a roofing company. originally from california, skaggs was an ex-marine, a former trucker with a minor criminal record. and some of the story manny was telling police added up. at 6'3" and only 200 pounds, jason skaggs matched almost exactly the description given by katherine pierce of a tall, slender intruder. but he was not, as far as police knew, a killer. to detectives, a home invasion that ended in murder seemed to be outside jason skaggs' criminal skill set. >> if he was the guy in katherine pierce's house with the shotgun, he was a rookie. >> and that didn't really match-up with the gloves and some of the other things that were kind of popping in our heads as somebody that might be more experienced at this. >> detectives started tracking skaggs' cell phone. the cell phone started pinging off el paso, texas. >> that sounds like a guy on the run. >> yeah. is this guy just heading for mexico? >> it turned out el paso was just the closes
Feb 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
massachusetts. jason carroll is in boston. ali velshi is in cape cod. jason, what's going on where you are? >> well, anderson, right now, we're experiencing near white-out conditions in boston, massachusetts. we're in south boston, along a side street here. you can see how even though you've got some folks who are just walking the dogs, walking out here, for the most part, streets are completely empty. want to show you a problem that's going on over here. as you know, the state has access to some 4,000 vehicles, snow plows like this one, but this plow is experiencing what we witnessed across the city. he's stuck. he came into this church parking lot. was going to plow it, got halfway through, but the conditions proved to be too much, so he's been struggling to get out of that particular position for the past 20 minutes or so. but again, anderson, there is a fleet of some 5,000 vehicles like this that are out on the streets throughout the state, plowing roads. plowing the primary routes, plowing parking lots and secondary routes like the one that you see here. looks like he's finally going
FOX News
Feb 23, 2013 2:00pm EST
columnist and deputy editor dan henninger, jason, and kim strassel. kim, let's start with the merits first and the president's claims of catastrophe if those spending cuts kick in. is that correct? >> exactly, no. what we do know the president has every incentive here to make it sound as if it's going to be absolutely the most dreadful thing, but the reality is, paul, it's a 2.5% cut to the federal budget. it's 85 billion dollars out of a 3.8 trillion budget. if you can't find that much to cut then there's a problem. is there enough flexibility in the sequester to make a difference, these agency heads will be able to maneuver and prevent things like jason, cuts to air traffic control, for example? >> that's what republicans would like to do, give the president some flexibility and the problem is, democrats who want the armageddon narrative are opposed, to-- >> why is that? >> well, they like the narrative. they want to pretend like. >> any cuts at all in government are catastrophic. >> they don't want to give the president flexibility, but the fact of the matter. we're talking about 5% of
Feb 27, 2013 12:00am PST
this car at night. >> so is jason from uh -- arinda. he avoids driving at night if possible. >> i leave work early in some cases. >> both own a 2012 toyota prius, and both say their vision through the windshield at night makes driving unsafe. this is video of the view through amid's windshield he posted on youtube. amid and jason say tail lights, streetlights and on coming headlights and traffic lights appear blurry. they seem larger than normal and can be seen in trip plaw cet. jason recalls the day he almost hit a pedestrian because he was blinded by the multiple images of light. >> i was freaked out. i didn't really understand what was going on. >> reporter: amid told me the so-called ghosting affect is best seen on dark streets from a distance of about 50 feet. >> will we see it when we drive around? >> we will stey right now if we drive around. let's go. >> the problem he has with his windshield is not always evident. it usually can't be seen on well-lit streets or closer distances. >> now look at the arrow up front. you can see three arrows actually. >> i see the one below it. i d
Feb 26, 2013 11:00pm PST
-year-old and three-year-old. i don't take them in this car at night. >> so is jason from uh -- arinda. he avoids driving at night if possible. >> i leave work early in some cases. >> both own a 2012 toyota prius, and both say their vision through the windshield at night makes driving unsafe. this is video of the view through amid's windshield he posted on youtube. amid and jason say tail lights, streetlights and on coming headlights and traffic lights appear blurry. they seem larger than normal and can be seen in trip plaw cet. jason recalls the day he almost hit a pedestrian because he was blinded by the multiple images of light. >> i was freaked out. i didn't really understand what was going on. >> reporter: amid told me the so-called ghosting affect is best seen on dark streets from a distance of about 50 feet. >> will we see it when we drive around? >> we will stey right now if we drive around. let's go. >> the problem he has with his windshield is not always evident. it usually can't be seen on well-lit streets or closer distances. >> now look at the arrow up front. you
Feb 27, 2013 1:05am PST
this car at night. >> so is jason from uh -- arinda. he avoids driving at night if possible. >> i leave work early in some cases. >> both own 2012 toyota prius, and both say their vision through the windshield at night makes driving unsafe. this is video of the view through amid's windshield he posted on youtube. amid and jason say tail lights, streetlights and on coming headlights and traffic lights appear blurry. they seem larger than normal and can be seen in trip plaw cet. jason recalls the day he almost hit a pedestrian because he was blinded by the multiple images of light. >> i was freaked out. id really understand what was going on. >> reporter: amid told me the so-called ghosting affect is best seen on dark streets from a distance of about 50 feet. >> will we see it when we drive around? >> we will stey right now if we drive around. let's go. >> the problem he has with his windshield is not always evident. it usually can't be seen on well-lit streets or closer distances. >> now look at the arrow up front. you can see three arrows actually. >> i see the one below it. i don
Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
significant step to make. "outfront," jason carroll, he's live in boston. ali velshi is live. jason, it has been a pretty incredible day there. and record snowfall throughout. what's it been like? >> well, i have to tell you, erin, condition here in boston are frankly miserable. it's a kind of icy snow that's been blowing around in your face. and just to give you an idea the condition of snow, earlier today it was very sticky. it's starting to become much more powdery now. that's going to make conditions worse. when you have powdery snow blowing around with strong wind gusts that we're experiencing, in fact, at logan airport, they clocked 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. when you have that powdery snow blowing around like that, the wind, the conditions, the conditions in terms of visibility become very, very difficult. so that's what we're experiencing now in boston. as you say, the city and the state doing what they can to keep people off the streets. the governor signing that action making it illegal to be out on the roads unless you're in an emergency vehicle. and that certainly has he
Feb 2, 2013 5:30am PST
five work plans and goals and objectives for 2013. >> okay. we have jason fried who will present. >> thank you. jied jason fried brief staff. we had a meeting and went over six items that the commissioners brought up and a item from the public and since then we got an eighth item to look at from a supervisor's office and working with supervisor avalos we looked at what is good. the first one started out as appointment to commissions. in discussions with supervisor avalos there was interest to expand that and possibly turn this not just appointments to commissions but how -- when elected positions become open how does the process look compared to other jurisdictions and places around the country? so we expanded that topic. that is something that can be done in house by staff on this. the next item was jobs in the tech sector. after further discussion with supervisor avalos who brought this item up it was determined maybe hold off on this and revisit it in the future if something new comes up on that subject. >> i believe supervisor kim on the board of supervisors is looking at tha
Feb 22, 2013 11:35pm EST
. >> but is he hot enough for britney? >> jason trawick is more attractive than this guy. >> he's wearing a captain's hat and she could be his at the -- his ten 2346r789 iel. -- tenniel. >> we've got proof david is just as hot as jason. >> he's winning the who had you rather right now between david and jason. >> congratulations david, finally the regular man gets a chance to bone unstable pop stars known for making terrible decisions. good luck you crazy kids. >>>> how are you, sir? >> alex trebek, he's getting in his car. we only have a couple seconds. justin bieber for $1,000, what is it called when a young person or teenage girl really likes justin bieber? >> he thinks for a second and goes i have no idea. >> a blieber. >> he shakes his head. >> not so easy when the cards aren't in front of you, alex. >> first of all you got to get the proper oil. >> no this isn't your local make nick. he's one of the biggest music stars on the planet, maybe, possibly. >> we got destorm power. >> i don't know who that is. >> because you are living in the past, old man.- tell him, hip people! or people
Feb 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
begin in massachusetts. jason carroll is in boston. jason, how is it right now? it's not looking good. >> well, anderson, i heard you describe it as punishing. that's a perfect way to describe the conditions here. first of all, i want to give you an idea of what the snow is like because this is an example of what we're dealing with. it's powdery. it was sticky before. the powdery snow, once it starts to blow around, visibility becomes basically zero. that's what we have been seeing. you talked about the snow plow getting stuck. it was right there at 8:00 when i was talking to you. they had plowed that area. you can see what it looks like now. it's a blanket of snow. again, this was just at 8:00. you can see how much snow has fallen since then. once again, this is where the plow was not too long ago. and the mayor was on not too long ago, basically said some 600 plows are now out on the roads, manning the street, trying to get salt, trying to get sand. 43,000 tons of sand are on standby in the arsenal, waiting to go out on the streets here in boston. they will definitely be needed. we
Feb 2, 2013 12:35am PST
. jason bateman is here! [ cheers and applause ] good looking man. >> steve: indeed. good dude. >> jimmy: funny dude. talented actor. also from the hit hbo show "girls," zosia mamet is dropping by. [ cheers and applause ] i think it's her birthday. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: tell her happy birthday. and we have music from the one and only -- andrea bocelli is here tonight! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: that's what he's going to sing? >> jimmy: he's unbelievable. >> steve: oh, my god. >> jimmy: amazing. >> steve: sounds like a record. >> jimmy: yeah. sounds fake but it's not. >> steve: no, you're walking down -- [ imitating bocelli ] ♪ oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] imagine, he's been so psyched that we keep doing that. walk by the dressing room going -- [ imitating bocelli ] ♪ he's like, would you leave me alone. [ laughter ] you guys, this -- the super bowl is this weekend. and in honor of that, we wanted to try cool interactive experiments with you guys at home. so we asked you to get dressed up in your favorite football stuff -- t-shirt, jersey, face paint,
Feb 14, 2013 11:35pm EST
. >> he's touching him with his words which his words are harsh. >> plus jason on bedford. one of my favorite porn stars does not sleep with black talent. >> suppose there is a white woman who decides her thinger t only to sleep with black guys. >> i love her whoever she is. >> coming up, rick and kathy hilton. >> what is the crappiest hilton? >> he goes the oxnard >> got too much time on your hands, instead of filling it with family and friends why not connect with in, you can sign up for facebook and twitter. tired of watching videos of disgruntled cats? sign up for the official youtube page. you'll get bonus content you won't see on the or website. >> and we're not just talking about harvey's tweets. though there will be plenty of those. check out "tmz" on twitter, facebook and youtube. it's like having millions of friend you'll never meet in person right manti. >> what up, chris? >> that's chris brown in hollywood last night. finally an evening with chris brown without any drama or violence is what we would say if this didn't happen. >> oh chris, [beep]. is that [beep]
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
daughter and granddaughter. now the mistrial against the suspect did killer. say that jason scott was responsible for the murders of dolores dewitt and anthony dewitt. we have early reaction from today's decision. >> this certainly has been a tough day for members of the m's families. we have been so long into this trial. today, a mistrial was declared. we will have to wait a bit longer in the search for justice. >> i never dreamt that this would ever happen. >> her resolve is remarkable. four years ago, her daughter and her granddaughter were found murdered in a burning car in rockville. was captured and charging both homicides. on monday, the judge declared a mistrial. was linked to multiple home invasions, information that was previously inadmissible. thing is that justice be done. not according to my will, but the will of god. >> while disappointed, she pointed out that scott is not aing anywhere. he is serving 100-year prison term on charges unrelated to this case including sex crimes. when jason scott is retried in mid-october, she said that her -- he would be convicted befo
Feb 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
jason pedrosa turned himself in this after learning he was wanted on a fell nay rest warrant. parents here in walnut creek tell us they're relieved he no longer works here. >> jason from san bruno was once ab actor here in walnut creek and also worked here at the ballet school. jill's daughter takes ballet res ons at this school. >> it hurts my heart. you know? knowing someone around young children is doing something so terrible. >> operators told us they heard he was being investigated by both walnut creek and pleasant hill police he was fired. they say he was a clerk, not around children. the police lieutenant says the investigation into child molestation allegations began in november. >> a female juvenile came and reported he was sending inappropriate text messages to the young female. >> connelly says that report led to a lengthy investigation. >> a three-month long investigation revealed several crimes and day before yesterday, the d.a.filed four counts relating to child sex abuse. >> police won't tell us where this occurred but did mention incidents. and we're flif walnut creek
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
forget. jennifer and jason said vous this morning on the rotunda. >> this is just a special day. it's not like any regu֍?5>o this is our wedding day. >> across the floor, other couples being denied same opportunities them. chose valentine's day to pro fess their love for their partners and also to protest the inability to marry under iz of the law. tom watson and jeff registered four yearsing ao, among two dozen same-sex advocates in a gathering. >> we're back here on the four year anniversary of our engagement to ask, again, for a marriage license. we know we won't be able to get married today. >> this attempt was futile but they made their skpoint say they'll continue to come back every valentine's day until they win. >> they've been together 22 years, we want it legal. >> deputies blocked everyone else from entering while there. not everyone agreed with what's happening. mario and jessica couldn't get their marriage license until it's over i don't think it's right. i think god made adam and eve, not adam and steve this, is holding back us for the moment. >> also, same-sex couples go
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
pizzey cbs news rome. >> jeff: we are joined now by "washington post" reporter jason horowitz who has been following the politics of the vatican. jason, allen called this a sort of corporate chaos. in your estimation what kind of shape is the vatican in right now? >> well with the vatican we're talking about a 2,000-year-old institution. and it operates literally behind closed walls. so the power games that you see in any institution are much more fierce there because there's no turn over. people have been plotting and looking for power for a very long time. so in benedict you will someone who at the end of his papasee tried to introduce some reforms that would perhaps create some more transparency and root out some of what some called corruption there. he appointed one archbishop a fellow named to do this. and he took the mission to heart and actually sought out what he called corruption. and instead he faced entrenched opposition and was actually essentially exiled to the united states where he is now the ambassador here. >> jeff: so if benedict had such difficulties what kind of di
Feb 19, 2013 1:30pm PST
the hot team. jason is very forth coming with the cell phone number so jason's number is eight five zero 7413. and i think those are the best routes. the hope office as well. certainly we're working closely with jason and his team so anyone can contacted us. we're in room 18 of city hall so if someone is living in a vehicle they could come to room 18 in city hall or contact me, so we welcome the opportunity to make a connection, understand what people's circumstances are, and how we can work with them, and i think we're going to try and take an individual approach as we can with each situation and see what we can do. >> okay. thank you. thank you supervisor. i appreciate it. and again thank you to you and your office and to the mta for their work, and i just want to make a comment in response to some of the things said today. let me say this. i voted against this legislation, not because i was questioning or requested the intent. i think the supervisors that brought it forward are trying to address legitimate concerns and even though i voted against the legislation i can see there i
Feb 28, 2013 11:30am PST
information, if it hasn't landed on our doorsteps, we get it from jason which is good. you know, our objective is to inform, provide accurate information to our customers, our potential customers, so that's what our customer notification and education program is focused on. we don't want anyone being surprised by becoming our customers, we want them to understand what the service offering is that we're providing. i expect that in order to do that effectively, we will be answering people's questions that arise from receiving this mailer and then hearing from us about our program and saying, you know, how do you reconcile these two different messages and we'll have to be careful to make sure we get accurate information back to our perspective customer, not anl because we think that's the right thing to do, under the code of conduct law, we're required to do that, so we need to be careful to be giving accurate information and we know pg and e is obligate under that same code of conduct to provide accurate information and i believe the materials that you're referring to were not provided
Feb 26, 2013 1:00am PST
island and the department of public health which would enable jason and his team to say to someone "as long as you participate in case management the city will cover the cost of storing your vehicle" and so that is going to be particularly helpful for individuals with vehicles out of registration, vehicles at risk if they can be taken from them and we hope that other individuals who really want to have a stake in san francisco will give us a opportunity with case management and we are midfiscal year but we are making a push for the stabilization beds and it's reality and if we say we're going to do something that we vtd ability to do it and there are not four or five stabilization beds vacant and we realize it's a population that is larger so with that if it's appropriate -- i did want to respond to some of the testimony and simply say if community meetings are going to happen i think it would be great to reach out to the coalition and see if the coalition would sponsor one with the mta. i think that would be helpful and people in the vehicles are not getting emails or letters from nei
Feb 22, 2013 2:05am EST
, you guys. we have jason kennedy from the e network with us, too. >> right around the corner, and we want to get -- he is going to predict for us. >> can we see your signs, you guys, because you have had the most creative signs? just call us the kathie lee and hoda of the o.c. uh-huh. >> every day is wines day. hire me. will work for wine. >> i love that. hire me, will work for wine. >> that's a good one. >> some of you -- hey, hey, hey. you guys, we saw that one yesterday. you put a little kid in the middle of it. >> it looks so much better that way. >> yes. >> okay. the winner of the sign contest is going to get a mug that's worth $5. >> $5 in today's economy, that's good. >> we give a few prizes, a few giveaways down the road. >> yes, we do. >> we might give a few things away right now. >> all right. we're going to play a little trivia. are you ready? here we go. there are bees around our drinks. >> you're so honey sweet. >> the sugar. i love you for saying we're so sweet. here we go. los angeles can boast it has more museums than any other city in the country. true or false? rais
Feb 9, 2013 1:30pm PST
to jason carol live in boston. jason, you are learning more about the tragedy involving that 12-year-old boy. what do you know? >> reporter: well, deb, it's just an incredibly sad story. it happened early this afternoon. and much like a lot of people, a man and his son had headed out to dig out their car. as you can see, in this neighborhood here, we've been seeing it happen all day long. so basically, he had come out, cleared one side of his car, his son got cold and decided to go inside to stay warm. he was inside the car, debby, from maybe 10, maybe 15 minutes. but unbeknownst to the boy's father, the tailpipe was clogged with snow. and looking at these cars here in this neighborhood, and throughout the city, you can see how easy that could happen. unfortunately, the young boy became overcome by carbon monoxide. they brought him outside of the car. the young boy was unresponsive. neighbors and paramedics tried to revive the boy. he went into cardiac arrest. and unfortunately a short time later, once he got to hospital, he was pronounced dead. incredibly tragic story and also a rem
Feb 26, 2013 8:00am EST
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Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
guy who loves a right on right fight. and jason johnson, political science professor at hiram university and chief political correspondent for joins us from atlanta. welcome back to you bothn "the war room." >> good to be here. >> hi, jennifer. >> jennifer: you bet. bill let me start with you. is this how karl rove crushes the tea party to regain control of the gop? >> there's nothing i like better than watching republicans eat their own, so this is a moment we can all enjoy, but i find this absolutely hilarious. karl rove was the biggest looser of 2012. he lost 10 out of 12 senate seats, lost 4 out of 9 of their house seats, donald trump accused him of blowing $400 million in this, so why would anybody trust karl rove with another dime, number 1? and the real question that i have is how much money is karl rove making out of this deal? i think this is another scam to fatten karl rove's pockets. >> jennifer: that's a really important point that these sort of advisors to these pacs he is probably gets some kind of percentage or direct salary that he is benefitting
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
boston, hit hard. jason carroll is there now. jason, it is just getting worse and worse, man. >> oh, we're definitely in the thick of it now. it's near white-out conditions. take a look at the street. you saw what conditions were like before. try looking up the street there, anderson. you can't even see it. this is what people are dealing with. the plows are out in the roads. you saw a plow get stuck that plowed the parking lot here at this church in south boston. conditions are severe, and if what chad myers and the other meteorologists are saying, the conditions are just going to continue to get worse as we now experience near white-out conditions in boston. >> chad myers saying over the next ten hours this thing is going to get worse and worse. we're going to be back on one hour from now at 10:00 eastern time. we'll be on for two hours all the way up to midnight. a special two-hour edition of "360." right now, piers morgan starts. chris cuomo is filling in for piers. that's starts right now. >>> all right, our thanks to everybody here. it's truly an honor to join the cnn team. th
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
boston into long island shut down. jason carroll is in boston for us as he has been for several hours. ali velshi is on the cape, cape cod, in the town of dennis port. ali, it's looking like the snow, you're in a lull now. is that true? >> a little bit. the weirdest thing in the world just happened. i came out here to be on tv with you. and these two guys are here. i have no idea who they are. i thought they were our crew, so i told them to get out of the shot. can't possibly imagine anyone being out here. i have been out here hours and hours and have not seen a soul. these are jim and garrett. where do you live? >> about a quarter mile away. >> what on earth are you doing? >> we got a little cabin fever so we decided to come down to the water and see what it looked like. we heard it was a storm surge. >> what did you expect to see when what have you seen? >> we expected to see frankly a little more surf than is going on here now. but the wind and the sleet, it's like -- it's really pounding against you. >> i have been carrying on all day about how hardy you new englanders are and you
Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm EST
for racial quality in porn. starring jason. >> how is it going? >> good. >> got jason gedrick on bedford. he was in the show luck that was cancelled. let's talk about something that rhymes with luck. >> i recently learned that my favorite porn star doesn't do black guys on film. >> her name is alexis texas. >> you may know her from the half watched movie --this isn't u.f.c. two ultimate [beep] championship. she won't bang black dudes but why. >> i know one star she didn't do anal -- >> let's go to something else. >> these white women have a white fan base if they sleep with a black guy they get abandoned by their fan base. >> translation, more black quals less green. >> is that a business move? >> is it okay for me to watch her? >> yeah. >> i feel like i'm supporting someone who is engaging in racist practices. >> perhaps it would help if they dealt with racial issues such as american history xxx, jungle beeve, the girth of a nation. and driving it into miss daisy. decpwhre quality in america will not truly exist until white and black porn stars can bang each other. >> we need to
Feb 24, 2013 11:10pm EST
24 hours later at daytona, nascar's biggest race goes on without a hitch. jason pew will have highlights from the daytona 500. >>> one lawmaker says virginia's new transportation bill punishes drivers for doing the right thing. why there's already an effort to get rid of one part of the compromise. >>> a family celebrating in the district. this woman blowing out the cameras on her 105th birthday cake. >>> coming up in just a bit, dan hellie joins me for "sports final." daytona did not disappoint. danica patrick makes history, but a series champion. and the promising future for one of d.c.'s college hoops program. and an emotional story for one athlete's to compete. that's tonight on "sports final" right here on nbc 4. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. >>> some lawmakers are trying to get p
Feb 14, 2013 11:00am PST
wouldn't be living in the vehicle when they could have a home. like jason said the issue is affordable housing. i am glad you admit it's a program and highlighting the pressure however the solution is not a solution. it's a criminalized effort. i see this as an attack on inpoverished people and you said they're hard to get to and i don't know why would this result them assimilate into the greater society. this is a marginalization target to push them out which is the goal. they choose between a vehicle where they have privacy or a shelter living on the floor with hundreds of people and one staff person to watch them at night. it's not a choice in my mind. i don't think someone should have to choose living in their home and criminalized for that or go to a shelter or sro in the tenderloin with people with mental health and bed bugs. and that four people came forward i don't think that is an achievement and happy valentine's day and i hope you consider this. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning. i guess i want to talk about why you people profile, discriminate against, and
Feb 7, 2013 5:30am EST
in a deadly shooting... following a drug deal gone bad. -3 yesterday... jason hamel was &&pconvicted of second-degree happened back in 2008... when hhmml met three men in federal hhlllto buy five-thousand dollars worth of cocaine.he pulled out a gun - opening his package and - finding only a ttshirr insidd. -3 3 policc ae on the hunt for 3 pewelry store at happened tuesday... at "colonial jewelerr" in frederick. frederick..urveillance viieo shows them taking the tore's most expeesive merchandise... says she thinks the group wws phere a week earlier.... plotting their crime.... because they seemme to know where everythhng was. 38-58 "30 secondssthey wwre in and out. hey came in with 3 everybodyyon the ground. our &pemployeessare wwllltrained tt do eeactly what they're old and thank god they did exactly 3 everrbody went on theeground anddthey were... smashed it... smassed the case... ggabbed &&pthh rolexes and out tte door - thee were." were."police saa they're looking into the possibiliiy -3 that these suspects may be tte same group hat robbed a jewelry store inn
Feb 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
study on how jurisdictions fill vacancies to elected offices between election cycles. >> jason fried, lafco staff, at the last meeting, you instructed to start this study of figuring out how when elected positions become vacant mid cycle how we fill those. we have since then brought on an intern research intern from usf, spencer who's sitting there with us today, we're at the stage right now, the goal just to give you a very quick brief overview of what we're looking at doing is we're looking at various different types of systems because there's no place like san francisco, which is a city and county in california and that has an independently elected mayor, what we're doing is breaking this study down to multiple categories to try to find similar things with san francisco, so we're looking at other locations that have large populations that are about the city and county, other places in the country, there are places like arlington, virginia, colorado, we're looking how they replace their positions in the county there. we're also going to be looking at the top 10 cities across the na
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